March-November 2023

Barokke Influencers changes our view of the future.

The baroque embodied the meeting between tradition and modernity. The Jesuits helped to shape that process thanks to their religious conviction and social commitment.

Barokke Influencers examines how international and far-reaching that development was, how it continued into the twentieth century, and what the legacy of the baroque means today in our super-diverse society. The historical legacy of the Jesuits is an occasion for us to open a dialogue about the great challenges ahead. 

Experience the stunning exhibitions, breathtaking music concerts and many other captivating events of the city festival.


24 June 2023

The artistic project at the Port House is curated by Sergio Servellón. Through a mix of art, events, discussions, theatre and lectures, visitors are invited to actively participate in this dialogue.

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02 September 2023
Expert tour of nottebohm Room: Sarah Joan Moran

Walk through the exhibition in the Nottebohm Hall with religious art expert Sarah Joan Moran. The tour will be in English.

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Blog posts

How do the three exhibitions relate to each other?

22 May 2023

Baroque Influencers makes a journey through time that spans more than four centuries. We set off from seventeenth-century Antwerp, make a stopover in the interwar period, and land in the present, where we look both backward and forward.

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Big Questions for a World in Transition: A Dialogue between Tradition and Innovation

01 February 2023

Just like today, the 17th century was a turbulent time. Religious wars, trade and migration shook the prevailing worldview. Can we still find inspiration in the baroque solutions of the time? We are looking for answers in the lecture series ‘Big Questions’ with experts such as Lea Ypi and Liz Bucar.

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The atmosphere at the press presentation

20 September 2022

On Thursday 15 September, we presented the Baroque Influencers programme to the press and to invited guests at AMUZ’s atmospheric Church of St Augustine. It was a wonderful afternoon.

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Programme ‘Baroque Influencers’ officially presented to the press

15 September 2022

Exhibitions, baroque music concerts, a lecture series featuring speakers from Belgium and abroad, and a remarkable immersive experience for young and old: all this and more awaits during the festival ‘Baroque Influencers’.

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