Het interieur van barokke kapel van de Bovensodaliteit
March-November 2023


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The Sodality Rediscovered. New sources for a visual reconstruction of the upper sodality of the Antwerp Professenhuis.

7 February 2023 20:00 21:00

What is now the Henry Conscience Heritage Library’s Nottebohm Hall, used to be an impressive Baroque chapel until 1773. After the dissolution of the Jesuit order, the art treasures became scattered. The most important works of art, including two works by Van Dyck and one by Rubens, were purchased by Empress Maria-Theresia and are currently among the masterpieces of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Thorough research by Steven Van Impe and master’s student Marijke Drijbooms in recent years has brought to light new archival and iconographic sources so that we now know much more about the interior of the Upper Sodality. As part of the city festival “Baroque Influencers,” there will be an exhibition in the Nottebohm Hall in which the interior of the Upper Sodality will be evoked.

Nottebohmzaal van de Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience in de 17de eeuw 1773 een indrukwekkende barokke kapel.
The interior of the Baroque chapel of the Upper Sodality.

The Antwerp Historical Society invited Steven Van Impe to give a digital lecture (in Dutch) as a preview of the exhibition. Steven is curator at the Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience.

There is no need to register in advance for this webinar. The link will soon appear on the website of the Antwerp History Society.


Organizer: Antwerp Historical Society

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